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A better solution to building forms within Bubble?

I find the process of building user-facing, frontend forms within Bubble cumbersome. For example, I have a very long application form for new users. If I need to add a new question to the form, it means I have to move all the groups down on the page, expand a group, drop in a new text area, and wire it up to save the data. I would love to be able to build forms for Bubble similar to how we can with Typeform, Google Forms, etc. I’m considering looking at using a 3rd party tool to manage all intake/application forms and just send the data back to Bubble. I am wondering, does anyone else struggle with this or am I missing something? What’s your solution?

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Hey @ah11 :wave:

Well, it really depends on what your end goal is. I have created a Google Forms-like page in Bubble and then allow myself to build the form on a page instead of building it in the Bubble editor. As long as you account for each type of answer, it’s just as customizable and easy as Google Forms is.

As an alternative, you can use Type Form and send the data to Air Table which integrates very easily with the Bubble AirTable plugin. Or you can use Type Form’s API and use the API Connector to send yourself the data.

Hope that helps a bit! :blush:


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Check this sample out by @edtyli9

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This is primarily for frontend or user-generated forms, right? I’m looking for something that’s enables a better way to design forms as par of an app and is part a write/edit workflow. So not necessarily a survey, but a form to edit data on a thing.

Typeform/Airtable integrations could work, but don’t really enable editing of data.

Yeah, I’m not that sure how you would connect the two together but maybe there is a way. :man_shrugging:

I guess I’m not understanding fully what you are trying to do.

As for moving groups down the page, a solution for that would be something like this:

I normally add spacers (collapsable groups) in-between groups on the page. That way, if I need to add something later, I just make the spacer smaller. Then I can fit another group or input in, if I need to, without modifying everything else below it on the page.

Does that make sense? Hope that helps a bit at least. :blush:


@romanmg has the solution you are looking for.

She can explain it better than I can, but basically you will need to create an admin area where you can create/edit/delete questions for your form in a templated way. The questions become their own datatype. You may want to include question types (text, multiple choice, number, etc.). This way you can quickly add and rearrange questions and save/retrieve data automatically.

Oh! That is exactly what I’m after. Thank you @robert

@romanmg do you have this documented at all by chance?

Here’s one example of setting up quizes using option sets. This idea easily ports over into using DB things and letting users create/modify their own

Hey @ah11! :wave: Have you tried no-code app templates built on Bubble?

Please have a look and let us know in case any questions arise :slightly_smiling_face:

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