A block library?

Dear community,

What do you think of having a library of blocks?

Designed by the community, organized into categories. The same concept as the templates, but focused on specific parts of your needs.

You need a contact form?

  1. Open the block library
  2. Search for “Contact Forms”
  3. Choose the closest to your needs
  4. Drap & drop it on your page
  5. Customize it to meet 100% of your needs.

Oh, you need something more complex? Maybe you’re building an Airbnb-style website that displays ads on a map:

  1. Search for “Map showing data”, add it, customize it
  2. Search for “Ad Form”, add it, personalize it.
  3. Search for “Listing Manager”, add it, customize it

The “block library” can range from very simple things (slider: pricing, contact form) to several pages with workflows, the data structure (example: an Airbnb referencing application).

It’s not a utopia, 80% of what we need to create our ideas already exists. We only customize 20% or even less. Why should we reinvent the wheel from scratch every time we need a custom wheel?


It might get confusing, especially when certain workflows are not copied correctly. Conditional formatting might also give issues.

Good point, the issue of workflows not being copied correctly should be fixed in the future. About conditional formatting, that’s part of the complexity to built this feature, but it’s just complexity, which is a matter of time/effort

We need bubble to open up the use of templates. Then this will make sense I think.n Copy and pasting elements does not always work as expected…


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Would be good but sounds like you’d need the database to be set up for it to work. Until bubble allows database structure copying it wouldn’t work as easy as it sounds

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Really, I don’t think you need a database. Just an empty page where you can create elements either using the HTML element or bubble’s + plug-ins or a mixture of all. Then there should be 3 things that happen or needs to be defined

The inputs
The actions or interactions
The output

Then save and publish to the plug-in store…


Sounds like Bubble is working reworking the design interface. I 'm sure that anything like this idea won’t come until that is released, but will probably be something they explore with that release is my guess.

There are definitely challenges when comes to copying and pasting components from another bubble project/template, especially if those components are reliant on a certain workflow & database structure.

I am experimenting with a similar idea but at a smaller scale. The focus is more on front-end design and breaking down the blocks/component into smaller pieces. The first component is already developed and I am in the process of doing a few more. Would love to get more feedback on it!


That is what buildingonbubble was intended to be, and I even called them “block”.

But the concept of copying and pasting never really worked, and a lot do require some sort of database structure.

Hmm, interesting, may I ask where did you get this information? I am new to Bubble.

You did a great job there, are you still working on the project?

Bubble is developing slowly, which, in my opinion, is highly strategic. The startup is 7 years old but has collected a seed round just 3 months ago, it’s very rare! This allowed them to maintain complete control over their decision, and therefore their vision.

Their proof of concept is ready and was built at the request of their clients.

Now, with the few million, they can hire to work on building a very stable solution - and reach clients beyond the early adopters.

@NigelG, when you say “never really worked” can you be more precise, give details?

Nothing major, just a mention here and there on the forums that they are working on it.

This would make things alot easier and better I could finally build my apps myself

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@hermes are you building this or just an idea

@zach This is an idea, I must understand if there is a real customers need for it, what has been done, and what Bubble plan to do.

@hermes definitely is a need makes building alot easier if all you had to do is copy and paste then publish it would put freelancers out of business

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Thanks :slight_smile:

I tidy up the database fairly often and add the occasional block.

The issue was always there there was no way to tell if people found it helpful, and not being able to “drag and drop” (or copy and paste) into another project wasn’t productive.

So it was more of a tutorial space, which I think would be better suited to video / examples.

Many of the blocks have a back end component, so won’t copy easily.

I see!

It would be useful to know if Bubble is working on something like that. Do they plan to release such a thing in a few months or years?

Have you tried https://zeroqode.com ?

It’s kind of a blocks library, I’m surprised that nobody mentioned it.

The issue with the database and workflows or even plugins not being aligned when copying an element or potentially adding a block, could be solved with a wizard style interface that allow you to either assign data references or wether to copy the work flow or not. Like a migration setup.


just saw this post

thanks for mentioning us @hermes

in fact we have started putting together blocks a few months ago, here is what we have at the moment: Zeroqode | No-code apps, plugins, native apps builder for bubble.io and more
we’ll be adding more as we see more demand and potential use cases.

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