A great login / signup popup

Does anyone know if something like this has been developed as a component for sale / re-use? Is it achievable in bubble to constantly asses the input?

This is a screenshot of the login popup on the pxlr.com website. Its fantastic.

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Hey there,

That looks great, but I do not think a template currently exists. I’ll create one and post it later today. :slight_smile:


That would be an amazing contribution, thank you!

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Hey there,

I just finished version 1 of the template. I will still update it to make it look better/more fancy, but I just wanted to show you the direction I am heading with it.

Feel free to check it out here:

I’ll release the editor once the template is finished. :slight_smile:


Looking great so far!
See if you can get it to assess the password conditions before you hit tab!

can i see the editor for this? Thank you.

Telling someone the account already exists is a no-no, as it can be used to narrow down bruteforce attacking, i.e. once they know an account exists then all they have to do is focus on the password.

I believe the security guidelines is to say that there is simply a problem with the username or password.


This is great. Thanks for working on this. I’d love to see the editor and see how the validation was done. Any chance you might be able to release it?

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Hey there!

I’ve been working with some of my clients, so haven’t had much time to work on this, but I’ll try to finish it up in the coming weeks.

I’ll release the editor once it is done, which should be in a couple weeks. :smile:

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Have you managed to finish it?

Looks fanatstic, could use that in my app :slight_smile:


Looks great! Kudos.

Remember the security guidelines given by @DaveA

Bubble’s default signup/login logic currently tells you whether or not an email is already in the system.

Just because it does, doesn’t mean to say it is a recommended practice. It depends on what each user determines as their own requirements.

You can see the guidelines here:

Authentication Responses
An application should respond with a generic error message regardless of whether the user ID or password was incorrect. It should also give no indication to the status of an existing account
Incorrect Response Examples
“Login for User foo: invalid password”
“Login failed, invalid user ID”
“Login failed; account disabled”
“Login failed; this user is not active”
Correct Response Example
“Login failed; Invalid userID or password”
The correct response does not indicate if the user ID or password is the incorrect parameter and hence inferring a valid user ID.


I agree, it’s wrong, I was just pointing out that Bubble’s default is already doing the wrong thing that you warned @andrewmackers about.

Did You Ever Release the Editor?