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I'm sharing everything I learned in Bubble in over 1 year!

Hi everyone

Together with Constantin i have build which is a social network for learning.
It has 2 core functions:

  1. Your feed - where you will be able to see relevant updated information about topics you are interested in posted by teachers you follow
  2. The class section, where teacher have the posibillity to create so they can upload video courses relevant to their class.

I have created my first class "Bubble - tips & tricks " and my first post will teach you how to make beautiful login actions:

My teacherr link is:

Claudiu & Constantin


Very nice!

Just one comment regarding security. The less information you provide in the error message when authenticating the better.

You provide two different messages depending if the email exists or not:
a) If it doesn’t exist you clearly state that there is no user with that email in the DB
b) If it does exist but password is wrong you alert that either email or password are wrong which kind of contradicts a) because we know the email exists :slight_smile:

So better to go in all error cases with the simple alert that username or password are invalid. That way a brute force attacker doesn’t know if the email exists thus making it a bit more difficult for him.

Besides my security comment, your teacherr app looks very nice :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice @JonL

New post!
Nested tabs - custom states vs parameters
In this post i will show you how to create nested tabs using parameters. As you may already know, custom states are valid UNTIL the page is refreshed. Using parameters you can keep the same view and the same data even if the page is refreshed. Please see below the final result

Please follow the entire post here:

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Today i will teach you how to create categories and subcategories in Bubble
Join my class on teacherr and learn more every day.

This is the final result: Categories & subcategories in Bubble