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A Repeating "Thing"

Hi All - I believe this subject may have come up a couple times before, but it didn’t feel like at the time there was any easy solution and I’m wondering if any of the new plugins or features would help me do it. Here’s what I’m looking to do.

I have an existing scheduling system that books lessons and classes for small business clients that is built in another stack, but I’m loving Bubble and I’m trying to recreate that functionality here.

A business user creates a class (a Thing with fields Name, Capacity, Instructor, Location, StartTime, EndTime, EventID and Cost) and has that class repeat weekly or daily for a certain amount of time. The input field I’m working on in Bubble is attached.

My question is how to create multiple instances of a class/Thing seven days apart or I guess at this point whether that’s even possible using core Bubble functionality or a plugin that can repeat the creation of the class at regular intervals.

I’m not attached to the structure here, so it’s fine if for instance the “Repeat Weekly for ____ weeks” burned into checkboxes with days and the app then repeated the event on that day for a fixed period.

Thanks for all the help and sorry again if this has already been covered!

Best, Brian

I think you just answered your own question.

You could create a repeat field along with the location, instructor, and date field. The repeat field will hold number of weeks repeated. You should also have another two fields named repeat begins and repeat ends. Then you could use conditions to change the dates of “repeat begins” field by 7 days if user puts 1 week and 14 days when user puts 2 weeks.

Hope this makes sense

Thanks so much for the response muradamod. Sounds like I’m not wildly off here - just not quite sure yet how to create multiple events between those two dates.

In your experience is this something that is possible completely within Bubble or something that would require an external API?

Sorry if my question seems basic - I’m still fairly new at all of this! Loving it though.

Thanks again for the help!


Actually it is and I just thought of an even better way. You could use the “do every X seconds (604,800 sec)” to periodically change the dates. You will also create two “repeat fields”. When user inputs 3 weeks you will add three two both repeat field. One of those field will be used to determine the how many weeks the ''do every x seconds" should last.

Here is an example.

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