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A trigger for Drop Area that has a group hovering over it

I’ve successfully created a repeating group with elements that can be reordered via drag and drop using the draggable plugin.

The event “Drop Area has a group dropped on it” triggers when the droppable group is released on the drop area (second workflow in pic below).

In order to allow the user to preview the new order while he’s still dragging the element I’d like to have the repeating group reorder as soon as a droppable element is still only hovering over a drop area before being dropped down.

In order to achieve this I was thinking there should be a trigger along the lines of: “Drop Area has a group hovering over it” in order to target the drop area at the time of hovering (first custom workflow in pic below).

The closest thing I found is inside the Conditional tab: “The DropArea is dragged over”.
If I’m not mistaken it is impossible to trigger any action other than a change of style on the affected element itself.

Is there a way to achieve this type of functionality?

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