A way to copy a built element (a group and its contents) to clipboard?

Is there a way to copy an element to clipboard? Much like how you can just copy and paste elements between projects and pages, for example - A custom built card, etc.

That doesn’t work? I think copying a group lets you paste a whole group and it’s contents. Am I wrong? (Cuz I do that a lot.)

It does copy the contents inside the group. You sure you don’t have the content in the group hidden when pasting?

Apologies, I should have been more clear with my question. Is there a way to trigger a workflow to copy an element to your clipboard - Much like this - Copy Content Of Group To Clipboard Plugin | Bubble - I tried using this plugin but it gives an error when I try to trigger the workflow.

Looking at this plugin closer (the demo) it seems it only copies the text. I want to be able to copy everything within a group (like the basic copy/paste within bubble editor)

Oh. I’d reach out to @Thimo about the plugin. He’s pretty responsive on the forum.

Hey @Briggsy

You could try Atomic Fusion for this.
It’s a Chrome Extension where you can store any Component that you copy from the editor and paste it back into any app whenever you want to. It’s like a dropbox for the stuff you build on Bubble.

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Hey I’ve been meaning to try Atomic Fusion out, I also use Frames for some basic stuff. To be honest, the reason I created this thread is because I was exploring how to create a chrome extension in bubble and wanted to build a personal mini version of Atomic Fusion / Frames (personal locker of elements) for myself. Wanted to have a little fun for learning purposes and to use to help build the actual SaaS product I’m looking at eventually launching.

Thanks for the message though, it was never necessary to solve this, just wanted to progress in my personal chrome extension learning project.

It’s not the clipboard you should be targeting, pal :wink: not if I’m remembering right how I did it

Good for you tho! Great project

@jared.gibb Could you elaborate? I’m really curious…

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