Abandoning current workflows on page change

I am getting the feeling that when I use a workflow to navigate to a different page, it is waiting for all the workflows on said page to finish before navigating to the next page. I am wondering if this is actually the case. The reason I assume this is because I am noticing that when I use buttons to navigate from page A to page B it often takes 10x longer than using a link.


It is best practice to use links to navigate quicker to another Bubble page

Hello, i’ve noticed that when using links to navigate it can often cause a “leave site” dialog box to popup that says “Changes you made may not be saved.” is there a way around this? Thank you!


I have not faced that yet. Care to share some more details about the context where this is happening?

… Also, you could open the new page as a new tab by the way

Seems to happen whenever a page is left or closed while workflows are still running, usually workflows that are done on page load

Yeap that would do it