What is missing in no-code tools

This post is not related to bubble only, but Adalo and Glide. They are all good tools to build apps with unique features in each, and to summarize, if you want a very customized tool with more benefits but takes more time to do things, then you should go with bubble, after that Adalo and the last one will be Glide.

However, I think all of them share the same issues; at least form me:
1- The database: there is no support for local storage, however, Not all apps need external database.
2- You have to have a paid subscription as long as your app working, since the free version don’t include using the API, and will show the provider’s logo in your app if you downgraded your subscription.
3- The above lead to the cost. 25-$50 is not too much for a developer considering the saved time, however, if he kept paying forever for only one or tow apps, then it will be a costly option. Example, $25 = 95 in my currency.

I simply think, that if I have created an app with any of the no-code tools, then I should fully own it, not that I have to pay as long as I want to use it, because I have to use the provider database or its API.

I didn’t dig deeply in this, but if what I’ve mentioned above is correct, then I suggest these nice providers to find a solution in the middle, like giving us the option to pay one time for 12 months in advanced. In addition, if we need to do any updates after a year then we should pay monthly for the update period only. That option will not include using the provider database, however, there should be an option for using a local storage, and the API connection should continue working after the subscribed year, since for now I think the api connection is working only during the paid subscription period. I’m not sure if what I say is making sense!!.

Please correct me if anything is wrong with my understanding.

Why it should continue working when you don’t pay for this feature anymore? Bubble need to make money. A way to do that is to allow features on higher plan so user can move from hobby to paid plan.
You can already pay for one year subscription and save in Bubble.
You don’t pay only for the app, but also for the server, storage DB and everything else related.
I’m not sure what you mean by local storage (for files, or for DB)? In both case, this can work if your app is a personnal one. But honestly, I’m not sure theses are solutions for you.
Maybe you should search a little bit more about other option that may better fit your needs. Wappler maybe?
About the price of 25$ that is 95 in your currency. This mean nothing for us and it’s hard to evaluate. If your average salary in your currency is 100 000… this is same like in another country that cost is 25 but have an average salary of 30 000!.. How is the cost of this: Storage, DB, Server and developper in your country? If you get it cheaper… Go for it!

We all want to pay less. But you need to evaluate each solution to be sure they fit your needs and budget. There’s a cost/benefits to everything. If you don’t want to pay, you need to learn how to do everything by yourself and take time to do it.

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Thank you for mention Wappler, I did a quick read and found it offer exactly what I explained.

the web and mobile apps which you created using Wappler will continue working without any limits, after your license expires.

Regarding the price, I have to be clear here, I’m connecting the price with the services, if the storage/database/server will be provided by outsider company not bubble for example (if that even possible), then what is the purpose of paying monthly forever. And that why I suggest to pay bubble and the others for a year in advanced even if creating the app take a week; I didn’t say how much. That would be more expansive than Wappler.

In my limited imagination, I thought of creating an api that is hosted by a normal web hosting company, and linking it with my no-code app. so the a monthly pay will go to the web hosting, and the one time pay will go to the no-code company. I didn’t try Wappler so far, however, I like bubble and the other mentioned company and I hope they consider adding an option similar to Wappler.

At the end, any idea that increase the popularity of no-code wave is going to benefit all the providers of such service.

Thank you.