Bubble IO app - Zapier/Make integration

Hi there
I am looking for someone that has an experience with building a zapier/make plugin to a bubble app.
Just to clear my self:
I have an app (lets call my app XYZ)
I would like to add a new plugin on zapier/make of XYZ
people will search XYZ, and then they will be able to send/receive data from their own account
(in my bubble app of course)

I guess I need to start here:

But not sure how it’s works with Bubble io apps and i need some support.
**I am not looking to integrate my app with zapier or make because i already did it and i know how to do it easily **


I hope you’re doing well, I’ve developed Zapier Applications, I can help you.

Syed Muhammad Usman

send me an email and lets connect privately

Email sent

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