Add Page Templates as a feature/item in editor

@emmanuel and @josh, it would be nice if we could define page templates. Every page I’m creating will have a header, footer, and sidebar. Some will also have additional, reusuable elements.

I would like to be able to define these as a Page template so that I can wrap all of my pages with them. When I update the reusable page template it would update all of the pages that are using it.

I could have multiple page templates.

  1. One for most pages that only need a header, footer, and sidebar.
  2. One for admin pages that have a header, footer, sidebar, and an additional Settings menu.
  3. Other page template types.

When creating a new page there could be an additional menu to select a Page template.

I think there could also be an option in the editor to change the template once a page has been created.


Yeah, this would be super helpful.

Totally. My mobile pages especially inherit the same dimensions/ responsive settings and groups.

I really wish this was available. Such a pain to update every page. :disappointed:

An idea would be to group all of the elements you need in a reusable element, use it on the page, send to back and put your content in the middle in your case @Kfawcett. Just a workaround.

Thanks @marcusandrews, but that won’t work. The content would literally sit on top of the reusable element, so it would not be able to dynamically resize based on the content.

Ah I’m stupid :man_facepalming:. 2 days of not bubbling has really made my brain stop.