Formatting value when making changes to a thing

I need to save a text value on a thing as a space separated, concatenated string of values. Its extremely fiddly to be able to edit this dynamic data to add the spaces. Its less fiddly to use append but then I don’t have a space (obviously).

Is there a sensible way I can edit the value to be the format I want? Ideally even ignoring parts that are empty.

Arbitrary text

You mean append Arbitrary Text where the text is a space? That’s great, but the editor insists on me having to click-fill this in choosing options, which takes ages and is really fiddly. Now that I’ve set it up it won’t let me click in the middle of it and add something else. Also I want to exclude empty parts and not have multiple spaces as a result.

Clicking and picking from a list is great if its just single attributes, it doesn’t seem to work if you’re trying to do any sort of formatting.

No, make the Authorised Signatory Name = Arbitrary text, and inside Arbitrary text, configure your dynamic expressions. You can use the Rich Text Editor to add spaces.

Oh right. I think I did see that as a link on some other dialog, “Use rich text editor”. It’s a bit unintuitive.

Thanks for the help anyway.