Add "This element is visibile" "visibility" to Transitions

Hoping “This element is visible” or “Visibility” can be added to the Transitions tab.

Otherwise, a separate work flow has to be created using Animations -> Fade in and this feels cumbersome over time.

Since “Border width” is already part of Transitions, I’m also hoping that “Visibility” wouldn’t be a far stretch?



Especially since you can already do it – but not without collapsing the height of the element.

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Thank you sir!

I didn’t even realize this workaround existed…

This let’s me avoid the workflow I was complaining about.



:sob: awww shucks, but the option is not there for floating groups

You can probably solve it by making the floating group transparent, and then place a regular group inside it with the settings in your image. Then, instead of hiding the floating group, you hide the regular group instead.

The floating group’s height will be reduced to zero, and it should fade.


@emmanuel can u send @petter a [bubble logo] :tshirt:?
That solved it! I now have a solution for floating groups too.
Both floating group and normal group animate on scroll without need for a workflow.


Good to know, would be cool to also have slide in left/right.

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Haha, glad it worked @varshneyandson!

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