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Add Trello support (a bit similar to PInterest, more general though)

see (scroll down) and for the API see

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I am a big trello user, both personally and professionally. What would an integration give us over and above the available with Zapier ?

What would an integration with trello look like? I too love the program and am curious as to what a integrated use case would be.

ideally, I expect functionality similar to the PInterest plugin

I would prefer to not involve multiple third party enablers if they can be skipped. Makes your app more fragile if one goes down temporarily or even permanently (remember dotcom bubble burst?)

in my case,, I’d create boards automatically for class project tasks and have team members (students) autoinvited to contribute material to the specific board for the project task assigned to their team

Probably pinterest group boards cover my needs but I always investigate options first and trello looks like a nice alternative

I heard that Trello is losing a lot of users. Sad.

What would the reason Trello is losing a lot of users be? What are they doing wrong?

I think it wouldn’t innovate as fast as others solutions. I saw a lots of projects switching to Github. Some people complained about better community tools.

But after a quick Quora search, it looks it’s just an impression: Trello has 10 million users, and it seams a steady number. Maybe it’s just me being annoying. :slightly_smiling:

Trello seems quite healthy. I suspect the Github Issue Tracker has wooed a few hard core coders away. Then there is JIRA as well, which (along with Trello) also links with Github.

Trello tends to focus on the less technical end of the market, it is not explicitly an issue tracker. I use it both preofessionaly and personally (currently up to 22 boards for personal use, and a master board to keep track).

For now, I would say that the Zapier integration give everything you might need.

Not sure I totally agree that 3rd party integration makes things more fragile. It can work in the opposite way … if you have a small team trying to manage the integration to 100s of APIs … you have a less stable point of failure. Zapier are more likely to fix the issue as that is their prime reason for existence. An niche API in Bubble … less so.

Case in point is sharing plugins like AddToAny. They link to a huge number of Social Media APIs that would be very very hard for a startup to manage at that scale. When I worked for a referral marketing tech startup we had issues just integrating with FB, Twitter and G+. FB would break things regularly for us. No way were we able to do everything else.

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working with Zapier too means separate learning curve and having to see if they have a free plan or else calculate the extra cost.