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Questions on Zapier...from a Noob

Hello All,

First of all, I’m so proud to be part of this community as it has helped me so much achieve a dream I’ve had for so many years…which is to CODE!

I’m working on a project which is a marketplace platform and I’ve recently been thinking about making the product scale-able and more efficient. I’ve been reading a lot about Zapier on this platform, which as I understand it helps you integrate with other apps.

As a noob, my question is how as using Zapier helped you improve your product. I mean sure you can pushdata to GoogleSheets instead of the Bubble database, BUT how is that making your product/solution better?

Hopefully some of you will share your stories.



Just take at all the services Zapier interfaces with.

And thanks to Zapier Webhooks/Bubble API connector you can use it send/receive data directly to/from your Bubble app database.

The possibilities are practically endless.

Thanks for responding Andrew! I clearly see the applications would be endless, and sorry if I sound ignorant.

I’m guessing the best use would be to take data out that can be manipulated/crunched/analyzed using other apps and passing information back into my Bubble database.

I dohowever wander if there is more such as taking load of my bubble application thus making the application a lot faster…am I correct?

… I know I sound so ignorant, I’m just trying to learn and get better at developing applications, I just started 3 months ago

In theory yes… but there is a latency issue with passing data between two systems.

Also keep in mind that you’re either paying for zaps, or paying for Bubble database runs - so cost is an element.

You might also want to take a look at Blockspring if you’re looking to crunch data outside Bubble.