Adding a type of selection (Color, Size, etc...) to Airdev shopping cart

So it gets a bit more complex here… (for me)

I figured out how to make custom states for the selection but need to integrate those to the workflow of the shopping-cart.

First of all could it be more simple than this:

I set a state Yes/No for each button

It’s working but any way to make it react with a custom state set for the group to have less condition (for each button)? Well the problem seems it would reset all the button without exception!

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 8.34.29 pm

Then I went a bit further in this process by integrating this to the workflow of this shopping-cart:

I set a custom state for the group so it recognizes when there is a selection and don’t pass the order when the button “Add to cart” is pressed. I did by adding the condition “… and group product size is yes” to a few steps:

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 8.43.05 pm

There is gets messier!

I added a “Size” field to Order and Ordered product:

Screen Shot 2021-08-06 at 8.46.21 pm

And now I make change to the “Order” workflow when the “Size” button is pressed but I’ll need to click again after I pressed… This makes sense since it didn’t store that info but it’s not what I want. I’ll need to sort this out. i.e.: When the “Size” button is pressed → store this info by creating a custom state → send this info to the new Order after the “Add to cart” button is pressed.

Here the issue before/after pressing “Size” button again to enter this “size” data:

And there the very beginning of this workflow:

Custom state to prevent “Add to cart” button to trigger the order:

I changed the workflow to have the Size into the Order fields here:

But it seems I make a mistake by using “Placed Orders” since the first time I enter the order the size is not stored yet in “Ordered products” while displayed in “Orders”:

Then it is displayed in “Ordered products” and not anymore in “Orders”:

A bit confused, I’ll sleep on this. I just started this today and I need to clarify my mind with this workflow… Glad I could copy paste the Shopping-cart widget but it is complex already to mess with it by adding simple tasks like this…

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I added a custom state to the button:

Then set the state of that Group for the future order which has an additional condition to be triggered if this group has the correct value.

Values that I will have to change when I do the colors “contains Group Product size’ Selected size and Group Product color’s Selected color”

Then added on more condition here:

Same to the second step of this workflow for the Ordered Product.

I trigger Order and Ordered products with condition:

Found out how to add Size to my Order as well:

Fixed the issue with Ordered Product:

It seems to work fine.

I’ll update when all the buttons of both Size and Color are done.

I encounter another issue.

When I pressed a size and clicked “Add to cart” button, eventho I changed my mind and selected another size then press on “Add to cart” or not the “Orders field and Ordered Products field” display the first choice.

I must set a reset data somewhere in this workflow!



There is a problem here.

When I select one product it’s working but when I add another product and change the selection (Color or Size) it resets the selection from the whole list of ordered products.

Trying to get this right… When I press on the item:

which displays the next group:

I deal with the wrong type of content:

But how to set this up because I first need to enter the selection (Color, Size) to create a new order…

I understand that for the last step from the shopping cart when you change the quantity it deals with the Ordered product itself. Tho it’s not how I want it set up.

As well another issue is that selection doesn’t reset and when I open another product it is still displayed. I tried to reset data but it’s not working… :

Sure having unique entries and just filtering help differentiate orders.

Now I need to reset the custom state when closing the group.

Edit: Reloading page what was I thought…

I just discovered “Option set” isnt that the way to set up this selection of color and size?

I run into more issues now that I want to set up different items in the repeating group…

Still spending time on this selection. When I think it should be easy to simply add a field to a new order created even tho it’s the same product but with a different field.

Here it’s well said… Every item should be unique and I get that, I’ll just need to filter my main repeating group then send correct data to the popup/group to display details then filter again to only have color items in my smaller color rg.

But instead of doing simple by having all unique items, I just want to be able to create a new order with the different color field using conditions when I press “Add to cart”.

So here:

When “The product is not present in the popup/group it creates a new order.” That’s the basic from the “AirDev shopping cart”

Or “The group size’s custom state is not in the ordered product list”. Which works but to just add one similar item since after that color is present in the list of ordered product. So I should add a function with color. I think about “And” but since the “Or” condition is already invalided after adding a similar item what to do…

Just hard to warp my mind around. Trying many conditions to succeed. It’s taking me days…

“And” (Defining the color and size of the order to be added and comparing it to the list of ordered products color and size at the same time) The problem is to define this type of function. It’s either one or the other.

Any way to do both in one condition?

Found a way but since I open a unique RG for each item’s color I need to duplicate the workflow .

And last, I have a color issue since it was similar for each items.

Probably need to filter that too but I prefer changing the color name (Vinyl White, Screen print White) for now.