Database not saving item to list even tough executes properly in Debug mode

I’m trying to add a text item to a list. The workflow in debug mode seems to execute correctly (shows the green text for “yes”), but the text item doesn’t get added to the list in the database.

This is the debug execution:

Given the workflow, it should add the item ending in 8070 to the list, but it has not added it (the only text item is one that already existed in the list, ending 233f):

Many thanks in advance for any thoughts as to what might causing this!

In the “Make Changes to” action are you making changes to Current User and you are positive Current User is logged in and that is the list you are looking at in the database? I would put a text on the page that shows Current User’s email, Current User is logged in, and Current User’s List. I think seeing what data shows there may help you find the error.

Yep, it’s changing current user, and added the item as a text field on the page to ensure it’s not blank. Strangely, the workflow will add arbitrary text (when I replace “Fingerprint A’s Unique fingerprint” with “test”) to the list, but not the Fingerprint text element itself.

This is the “Make Changes to” action:

Here’s what the text field on the page looks like (to make sure the element isn’t blank):

This exact same action works in a different workflow (as part of a User Sign-in). The action here that isn’t working properly is part of a workflow that’s triggered on a Page Load.

I am still suspicious that you may not actually be logged in while you are testing so the Current User is null and nothing to change. That is because in that case your debugger as shown above would still look like everything is working but Current User is null. Make sure to log in and try.

Hey - yep I’m logged in, here’s a full screenshot:

I just stumbled across what I think is the solution to this bug, which is unique to the Fingerprint plugin. For those who come across this in the future for this specific use case, rather than using the Page Load as the action, use the “When unique fingerprint is ready” action to trigger it:


Appreciate you helping out here @williamtisdale!!

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