Advice on Pages Vs. Custom States

Hey All,

Novice to Bubble but I’m hoping for some expert advice on when it is appropriate to use custom states vs. dedicated pages.

I have an application with will have two user groups (Admins and Basic Users).

Each user group will have a header tabs navigating them to unique repeating groups (List of active jobs, Reports, Archive).

The question I’m wondering around is when is it most appropriate to use custom states as opposed to directing to a new page.

Is it best practice to nest all groups and relevant information in each separate users dedicated page and toggle the repeating groups/forms etc… within that page? (I.e. Admins have dedicated page and basic users have dedicated page that show information based on states?)

Or is it best to separate page types by function? I.e. pages that display repeating groups should be on their own and pages that allow for data input (submitting a form) should be on their own?

Any kind of advice and experiences on the pros and cons of pages for states would be awesome!

I am not sure I follow what the logic is of contrasting a page vs a custom state

Trying to answer your question literally I would say that a page can hold an elaborate structure of elements and data. A custom state is a mechanism to house data temporarily in the browser. I am not sure what more to say about that.

Now … attempting to interpret your question > How do I design a user experience?

  • One way is to write up user “stories” on a piece of paper
  • Organize those stories the best way possible

Usually most apps are about:

Seeing a list of items
Creating/updating/reading/deleting/searching those items

That can be accomplished by:

Page 1 - Table with items where you click one and it takes you to a details page
Page 2 - Details page where you see and interact on a granular level with the chosen item

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