Agency to create CRM? How to determine agency ability?

Looking for recommendations on an agency to build a recruiting crm/ats w/metrics. I have a call w/airdev tomorrow.

Any advice on how to vet an agency? I’m going to ask to see a portfolio of apps they have created. Airdev does a good job of putting this on their website. Other ones, not so much.

Thanks in advance.


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did you check ? :slight_smile:

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This is a good resource for reviews >

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Thanks @levon. I have a call scheduled with them. Seems interesting since they have a similar but different recruiting app listed in their portfolio which looks really good. Appreciate the reccomendation.

I think all of the agencies are represented in this forum :wink:

Don’t hesitate to have a look at the agency section of Bubble, and also to have a look at the templates provided by these agencies, you’ll have a first overview of their portfolio, even if high level.

sorry @will6 I should have mentioned that I’m the co-founder at Zeroqode :slight_smile:
agree with @Christophe_HK check the bubble agencies page, as well as visit each website to see the portfolio.
As for the templates we’ve built - please take a look here - these can also be counted as portfolio as they actually demonstrate what Bubble is capable of and how Zeroqode is able to utilise Bubble’s capabilities :slight_smile:
we actually have a couple of recruiting templates I believe as well


Haha @levon. I didn’t check your profile so I would have had no idea. I bought your courses when I was trying to build it myself. I have a call w/Dmitrii coming up. The Harness app you have featured looks really interesting to me. Thanks for the transparency!

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Yea. Any agencies that are confident in building CRMs please reach out to me. Thanks, @Christophe_HK

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