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Airtable Plugin Feature Requests - View + Re-Initializing Tables

I have one major request, and another really nice to have request.

I frequently make changes to my Airtable as I build product in Bubble. Of course. The problem is, it’s a pain in Bubble to deal with any changes in Airtable without essentially re-building the entire connection to that table.

Example 1: MUST HAVE
When I re-initialize a table, please maintain the live field selections that are already in place. It is INCREDIBLY painful to have to go through 30 fields and change to “Ignore field” or map them to “Link to record(s)”. Please just remember my settings and let me make changes to anything that’s different or new. Even better, highlight anything new or changed.

Example 2: NICE TO HAVE
When I apply an Airtable View, and select the “View” button. PLEASE only show me the fields that are shown in the Airtable View. I built an Airtable View to show 7 items, I don’t want to filter through 30 of them in Bubble.



Well, it seems y’all managed to make this 10x worse instead of better.

The VIEW button is now completely gone. The only option now is to REINITIALIZE the whole thing. I can’t even VIEW and make a simple tweak. I have to re-do the whole thing.

To be clear, this is the equivalent of me wanting to make a simple change to a Bubble Data Type, and you making me re-enter every single data type for every field each time. It’s unusable.

I completely agree with you @ALB

It’s infuriating that this is still a problem. Such a massive step backward, and no progress despite multiple, multiple emails into support. What a waste of a once-decent plugin.

I hate ranting, but this makes me want to leave the platform.

For anyone still here that’s following along with the Airtable integration, it appears they fixed the “Reinitialize” issue where it doesn’t remember your actual field mappings. Now it does.

Thanks to @allenyang for pushing this one through!

Now how about item #2 above?