Airtable Plugin Schema Reseting On Reinitialization

The Airtable plugin in my app resets itself every time I reinitialize it. Once I set every field and save the schema, everything works as expected. The problem is whenever I need to add a new Airtable field, I need to reinitialize it but this will make everything default to whatever it was before I set everything.

This makes it pretty much unusable for my table since it is a large one with about 200 fields. Since there are so many fields, I am bound to make a mistake in at least one field. If I make one mistake, (ie. I mistakenly set a field as a text when it is supposed to be a number) I need to reinitialize it and again set all 200 fields.

This problem started today. I’ve been building this app since about March and the Schema has always loaded the previous schema when reinitialized. Has anybody else experienced this with the Bubble Airtable plugin?

I think it’s a problem with my browser. Tried it in another computer and the schema saves as expected. Weird.

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