Airtooltips not working inside reusable elements

@seanhoots Just a note about your air tooltips plugin… it does not work inside of reusable elements. Only on standard pages.

BTW, this can happen with any plugin that has to load a library.

(Because the script needs to be on the page that will host the plugin element. What this means is that, if you drop such an element in a reusable, the script won’t execute. This is why some plugins add a header that loads the script to EVERY page of your project. But that’s not always a desirable thing as you’re always loading the library whether you need it or not. I think the general workaround is to add the plugin element in question to the page that will include the reusable. It can be set to not visible, but this will cause the script to be included in the right place… I think.)

Awww interesting… ill try that

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