Show alert above popup

Is there anyway we can display alerts when popups are open? (currently displyuaed behind the popup) both for Bubble’s alert plugin and Air Alert plugin - I’ve changing the z-index but that still doesnt work.

Any workarounds for this?

Have you tried right clicking and selecting “bring to front”?

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Hello @phetxdphet

Do you mean this AirAlert plugin?


This one displays pretty easily alerts when popups are open. :smiley:

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@paul29 Yep it still does not work - even after manually changing its z-index through html

@cmarchan Yep, but mine is triggered after 2nd popup is opened (two popups opened at the same time) so its only visible whent the first popup is opened. So i just did a workaround where I close the 2nd popup first then display the alert - not optimal but best I can get at this point!

Wait. Is your alert not an child of your popup?

You could do something like this:

Here the popup has no background and is set to full width. The ‘new popup’ is the Big White Group. And the actual popup has a collapsable group at the top, which functions as an alert.

Hope this helps!