Alignment Issues - Can't Get Text Centered in a Table

Hi Bubblers,

I have a table that gets filled with dynamic text. Like so:

I’ve tried a bunch of things, but I can’t get the text to center in its space. In the screenshot as it stands, the ‘Owner’ column has the text in a group. Every option to center is selected. However, it is left aligned.

The ‘Department’ column doesn’t have the text in a group. It’s just the naked text element as a child of the table cell. It centers when there’s one line of text, but left aligns if it needs to wrap to 2 lines.

Any ideas on what I can try here?


I have not used the table element (likely never will) but my assumption is that it does allow you to add other elements inside the cells.

If my assumption is correct and you can add other elements, you may want to try adding a group element first. Make that group either a column or row layout and make it so there is no min width or min height (so basically fills the entire cell)…then put into that group your text. You can make the text center aligned in it’s formatting options. You can also make the group alignment so the text is centered both vertically and horizontally using the group elements layout settings.

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Hey @boston85719, thanks for the reply! In the screenshot, I’ve tried some in a group and some out of a group (described below the screenshot). For the group, it has no fixed width/height and fitting to content (I’ve also tried without). The text element inside is center aligned and I’ve tried permutations of fit to content, min width, etc., and nothing gets it centered.

Don’t do fit to content because then the group doesn’t expand its width and height to fill the entire cell of the table

Follow my first response and they should

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