Bubble is down?! / Not working=?!

I cant neither load my app from it’s own url nor load bubble.is !!!


Same in the UK and Denmark, the bubble team have notifications for this so im sure we’ll be back up and running as soon as they can do their stuff

Same thing in the mid-west US

https://twitter.com/Bubble_Group/status/918136940125450240 2 hours ago

We’re back up. Temporary issue.

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No man my apps are gone! what is going on?

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they will not be gone…chill…give it time

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Same here!! Let’s give it time…

is this happen often?

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Same here, still not up. I’ll give it time but today and the last couple of days, I had many times errors that prevented me from working :confused:

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same for me in the Netherlands

Still not completely back up here. Part of the came up but data not there.

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its up for me now, running slow but I m in

I can go to the back in but my apps are still not loading. I gonna take a break and let them do what ever they need to do

Same here, fetching data doesn’t seem to work

Back Online in Argentina! :slight_smile:

Times like this make me question Bubble’s policy of not allowing us access to our own source code.

Still not loading in Boston

It just went up in Utah but not auto saving.

Still down!

Down in Budapest