Allow sellers to create coupons for their specific products

Hey there,

I’m trying to create a Marketplace that will allow sellers to sell their products with stripe, I notice that stripe offers a coupons object for subscriptions but I don’t see any option to allow my sellers be the ones that can create their coupons.

In my mind, this feature should work like this.

  1. A new person registers to my marketplace
  2. This new person create their products
  3. The seller create a coupon
  4. The seller send the coupon to their users
  5. The users go to the store profile of the seller and click on the item they want to purchase.
  6. The user is redirected to stripe checkout page and the coupon field will be visible
  7. The user will introduce the coupon and the discount will be applied to the item they are purchasing.

Does someone know if this is possible? I was thinking that I can work around this problem by doing some calculations directly on bubble but still will be nice to have that directly on stripe.

Can you explain what you mean in step 2. This new person creates their products? What kind of products are they creating?

Sure and thank you, basically this app is a scheduling app for therapists, so the products that they are creating are their different terapy types,

I.e. Children therapy, couple terapy, teenagers terapy, etc.

Every therapy type can have a different price, and every therapist can create their own types. Imagine every type of therapy as if they were the products in an ecommerce.

So, what I want is that they can create discounts coupons for their customers.

Hey, will this therapy be paid per session or the users will subscribe to a plan monthly/annual to be able o access the therapy?

The users will buy the therapy sessions per session, I was thinking in a subscription model but at the end it’s better for me to just work as the intermediate between therapist and patients, so users will have to pay each time that they want to schedule a new session.

I just want to update this

I solved this by creating a new data type Call “coupons” and with an option set I created the discount percentages, once that I have that I added an input I’n my pre checkout page for the user to type the coupon code, and finally I added there an input field that make a calculation with the price of the service * percentage of the coupon.

After that there is only a workflow that takes the value of the input field with the new price and send that to stripe to complete the purchase.