Most animated features of my project have broken

Hi there. I play about in bubble in my free time and a project I was recently creating (which was an attempt to make an app that is like Discord) has somehow managed to become broken without me even changing anything, making me believe that a background update may have done something to it.

A few weeks ago I had created a lot of the basis design of the site, only for it to randomly break two days later without any intervention from me. It went from a generally working website to having nearly all of the animations & popups on the site break (If you are on mobile, some elements of the website will still work, since I used the show action instead of animate).

Animations require you to trigger them twice (with a small delay in the middle using the debug mode) for them to actually display.

Popups half-open, they display the normal dark background, but the actual popup window does not display, unless you click out of it and open it again.

Feel free to test it out: You can click the bypass login button to get right into the app if the front page doesn’t load correctly, or use this link:

I would also recommend you create a server to see the extent of how broken popups are (That’s in the + menu) You can then use the server settings menu, found by clicking your server’s name to find most of the popups in the app

Any ideas, or am I just stuck with a broken project?

I tested it on your site and see what you mean. I use animations on my own site and I don’t see a problem. Double check your workflows to make sure you don’t have anything conflicting. Then if you still see the issue, then maybe file a bug report with Bubble.

Hope that helps! :blush:

As far as I am concerned, there are no conflicting workflows, since it was working perfectly and then broke within days without me even editing anything. But I will do a once over, thanks.

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