Animate Popup Menu

Hi, I’m trying to create a popup menu, that will appear with some animation.

It seems the button triggers the animation without showing the popup. When the workflow is show then animate, well the animation isn’t timely.

How can I change the way the popup appears (i.e. with an animation)? Am I not doing the right thing?

Hi @benjamin1

I’m not quite sure, but are you looking for something like this?


Yeah that’s right! With the button in the header.

It’s a simple workflow. You can see it below.

Good luck!

Ah! When I do that the pop up doesn’t appear. In debug mode there’s no signal of error, as if the animation is happening with the pop up still invisible. :frowning:

Weird. Please share your editors link, let me try to help

Here: Is it the link I’m supposed to share? (How come I can just share the link? Isn’t my app builder password protected?)

PS the burger icon is supposed to activate the pop up menu with a swing animation.

Yes, the right link. Your app in private mode. Please change the settings to “Everyone can view”. It means that everyone can see this application but cannot make changes. If you select “everyone can edit”, anyone accessing the editor link will modify the application.

Done. I get it now :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Apparently, the type of animation you choose affects an element that visible. For unvisible element like pop-up, please select an animation that ends with “In” at the end, probably the problem will be solved.

If your problem is not solved, please let me know.


You’re right :slight_smile: thanks!

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