Animated Explainer Video That Drives Sales For Your Bubble App

Hey guys,

I keep getting loads of DMs and emails on Treefort/SendPilot and here about where we got our animated explainers :slight_smile:

Thought it would be easier adding it here in case anyone is in need. I had a brand called Poptales (no longer around due to time) which produced HD animated explainer videos with music, US male/female voiceover and expert sales script writing. We mainly worked with SaaS/tech companies but also perfect for agencies, mobile apps or general business/onboarding.

If you’d like a video like below to help launch your business, for landing pages or Facebook ads (for some reason they work well on FB ads), then let me know.

Price is £199 for 90 sec video, scriptwriting, voiceover, music and animation with your colors/logo etc. Animations of course tell the story and work really well.

Price without scriptwriting is £100

Also comes with resell rights if you are an agency.

Couple examples below:

Reply or drop me a PM if you need!



LOVE these!!

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Thanks! Would you like one for your business/app @jrmayhew ?

I was thinking about using this

how would your explainer videos differ from those created on toonly? I’d rather not have to do it myself.

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Hey @boston85719 ! So we offer a lot more value than just the animation, for example the US voiceover, sales script writing written by a copywriter, background music and of course the custom animation.

You are welcome to do it all yourself, but for £100-199 (depending on if you want a script) many people find it easier to pass to the experts!


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