Any way of adding voice to text integration in bubble? (ie. Nuance)

I’m looking for a way to integrate a voice to text service into my mobile app I’m in the process of building in Bubble. I have used Nuance in the past outside of Bubble which would be a good option. I didn’t know if Blockspring or Zapier had anything like this. Any ideas would be helpful!

If there was some way to access this I could build my entire app through bubble.

Can you share a link to Nuance docs?

Yes, here is the link to the Nuance Developer site.

Nuance Developer Site


Not sure I see an API for Web REST API. It’s mostly for ios and android. Which we’re not focusing on right now. A web api would be better.

Hi, I am similarly wondering how to get form fields to accept voice input from Apple or Google? No need for Nuance API.
On a Mac now, if you tap the “fn” button twice while in any text field it will access Apple’s Voice to Text feature. You can also go to “Edit > Start Dictation” from the top menu.

I would like to make an on screen button that will set focus to a field and launch the same dictation function. Mimicing the pressing of “fn fn” on the Mac keyboard. Not sure what the PC side of the world needs for this function at the moment.

I basiaclly want to do this:
but would like an on screen button to launch it, instead of the little microphone icon inside of the field.
Any ideas?


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Hi Ryan,

I`m working on a JS bridge which you could utilize to do this. Then you would be able to include the external JS so that you could click on a button to run it and the callback could post to the JS bridge I made.

Will post a completed version as soon as I handle the focus issues with input fields.

Pay attention to my posts the next days. :slight_smile:


This is great news Ryan! I’ll be keeping up with what you come up with and integrate it into my app.

@ryflydesign, @ryan and @jay I have now implemented this in bubble. I have the data back in a bubble field but need to manage to focus out of that field to store data in bubble. Would be happy to get some feedback or contribution on that.

You can try using javascript or jquery to focus in and out of the field who has id . Im quite tired so need to sleep now, at least managed to complete this. :slight_smile:

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@gurun Beautiful! Thank you so much for looking into this! So cool what you have done here. I will look into it and see if I have any questions. Get some sleep! @jay and I are grateful. :smile:

This works great, but only inside of a Chrome browser. It would be more useful if there was a way to do this regardless of what browser being used.

@jay The limitation is because this specific implementation uses Chrome`s native browser calls to their own voice-recognition server, requests are then free. You could technically implement their paid Voice API or other ones that uses pure JS and browser microphone for recording.

I realized I had some bugs but may be that they were fixed before you guys tried :slight_smile:

Anyways, happy you guys liked it and hope it will lead to some cool projects now that we can start hacking a little outside the bubble. (pun intended).


@gurun, that’s super-impressive :slight_smile: however I believe that maybe Bubble should think of creating standard components for working with Audio\Voice recording.

I’m also currently researching the topic of voice-to-speech recognition, and all\most of the available APIs require the audio file to be provided in some form to them for processing, and this is where Bubble currently lacks the functionality from what I see.

@emmanuel, is adding a Audio\Voice capture function to Bubble in your roadmap by any chance? Currently the only way to do that boils down to tinkering with the code using the HTML element, which is not what everyone can really do. (I was also thinking of reusing the Zigeo audio recording functionality, but it’s always capturing video as well, and it’s a cumbersome integration of starting\recording\waiting for upload\try to retrieve from Zigeo before it can be actually provided to a voice-to-text processor API, so it definately is not something that can be used in the current form.)

Thank you!


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Hi @vladlarin , thanks!

For audio, data streaming (live data streams) is preferred instead of putting a file. The response will be MUCH faster for the user when the data is streamed from the recording is started.
So this is doable even with bubble as of how it works today, I`m working with some implementations that use the same approaches that would be necessary in such a case. If you have a project that requires such a use case, feel free to get in touch :slight_smile:

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Gurun. This is very cool. I would like to use IBM Watson’s speech to text. Wondering if you could help.

Did you have any luck using the watson engine?

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