Any way to animate a text field

I’m interested in animating the contents of a text field while the text value is “some specific value” and I can find nothing on if this is possible.

My preferred animation would be for the letters in the text field to appear as if someone was typing them, but I’m open to other animations as well.

Is this possible?

Yes, eventually.

You add an ID to your text or input element, example “styledtext”
You then add in your page a html element. In this HTML element you add the … tags.
In between you add using the dynamic value (the following is an example) :

Input A's value > 5 :formatted as text

And in the “formatted as text” panel, you enter the css styling rule to add an animation to the text when the condition is true (else : nothing) , aka something like :slight_smile:

#styledtext {

and you replace the … by the text / css animation you want.

Should work!

Where exactly do I put the?

Input A’s value > 5 :formatted as text

Put the cursor between the tag, then click on the blue poppover (“dynamic value”) to setup the condition based on your text element value

A plugin can be used.
For example this one:

Perhaps this plug-in can help you. It can animate both text displays as well as text inputs.
And if it does the same thing as The Plugin above it cost us.

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