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We are a catering business in the UK. We currently use an online booking system for regular clients that we put together using Knack (like Caspio). It has done well, but we want to do more with it, and we’re finding its limits (non-responsive for a start…).

So…we have CLIENTS, who have their own MENU’s, They login, make BOOKINGS for specific times, date, numbers to feed, We have an acceptance workflow with confirmation emails. They can login and see alltheir bookings past and current. We have a login that allows us to see ALL bookings, filtered how we like.

The next thing to do is to add cost management (how much did the food cost us?) and printing for job sheets, allergy info and so on.

I’ve had the Bubble tour, but it doesn’t seem as data focussed as our present choice, although the front end is streets ahead. What I’d like is a few opinions about whether, if we try to recreate our current app, are we just going to run out of steam on the data side, or am I just not seeing all the power of Bubble? What do you suggest from your experience?


Many users have built booking apps on Bubble, so I don’t anticipate you’ll run into a situation you can’t handle. I haven’t used Knack, but I know we have at least a few folks on the forums who switched from Knack to Bubble.

I’d check out some of the courses put together by community members, or even some of the templates, to get an idea of what’s possible. The built in tutorials are nice, but they aren’t “full apps” that paint the picture.

Thanks Andrew. We’re just really anxious not to run down a road that isn’t going to get us to where we need to be. There’s a lot of new-ish products in this ‘no-code’ sector. They’re very exciting, look great, and quite convincing. However, a lot of them flatter to deceive, and after a week or six you realise they need another 24 months of development.

Agree 100% with that sentiment. I’ve been using Bubble since 2015, and the pace of progress has been pretty significant. Other platforms coming soon, like Wix Code, look great, but I can’t imagine will release at a point of parity with solutions like Bubble.

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