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Anyone know how I can get this working?

I am very new to Bubble (just signed up yesterday :grin:). I have gotten this far (see image below), but I cant get the program to work properly. Is anyone interested in helping me with this project?

I would start by setting up your database with at least the following two data types (“things”):

Inventory Item

  • Item name
  • Any other details related to the item
  • Status (checked in or checked out)


  • Inventory Item (meaning the field type is the data type of #1 above)
  • Date of check out
  • Date of check in
  • User?
  • Amount

Every time you check in or out a new log is created for the item selected. The status for that item is also changed. Your History log should be a group who’s source data is the item. Then I’d have a repeating group within that group that displays a list of all log items containing that item (that is, “parent group’s inventory item”).

Let me know if this helps you with your structure.


I know it’s a bit hokie to say, but really take the time to go through the interactive lessons. Hands down they are very good utilities that will help you solve about 80% of your issues to get started. Someone took a lot of time to put them together and they are very well done.

I went through them in one afternoon, and within three days am about 40% through literally rebuilding an app that I’ve been running for 10 years and have run two rewrites. At this rate I’ll be completely finished rebuilding an app that I originally wrote in ASP, rewrote in ColdFusion, then rewrote in Rails, and for the last 6 months have been rewriting in Meteor with React.js, only this time completely finished in about 12 days.

I only say this because the interactive lessons (and videos) really help to set me on my way.


Thanks for the reply! I do agree the lessons are good (they got me this far! lol) But, I wish there were more lessons on working with the database.

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Thanks for the reply! This helped a lot!

We’d love to hear about the concepts that you’d like to be covered in a new db lesson.

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I changed up the look a bit and added the thing you suggested. This is what it look like now (I moved history to a new page):

I am having trouble with the programming for the “Check In” button. When “Check In” is clicked I want it to see which product is selected and which technician is selected and add the value entered to the amount of the item. This is what I have so far, but it isn’t correct:

Do you know how to word this? Thanks again for any help!

Look like the classic “Thing to change” confusion :slight_smile:

The “thing to change” refers to the actual thing you are changing, so an individual database entry (like a record or a row etc).

So if I want to update a person’s name …

The “thing to change” is the person thing … in the next step I THEN get to choose which field I want to update.

I don’t change the name in “Thing to change” … even thought it does look like that is what it wants you to input.

So in that box you need to point at the item (if I am understanding it) and in the subsequent box you update the amount.


I still fall prey to this every once in a while, and I’ve been Bubbling since October!


Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was confused about. I got it working now. Thanks! :thumbsup:

I’ll think about some ux things we can do to make that more clear to the user, too many people are still confused by this.


I have a data type called “Log” with the following fields: Amount, Inventory Item, Status, and Technician. I have an entry field where the user types in the amount they want to check in or out. When I set up the “Check Out” how do I word it to search for the item then subtract the amount that they entered from the amount that was already in the Log?

Hey emmanuel,

thanks for always having an open ear for user feedback.

I also would like to see more content/lessons about DB and DB structure. I think, maybe some of us have more difficulties with this is because they are not coming from IT/programming at all.

I think, for some things like data structure you need to have an understanding of how data needs to be structured, what fields are necessary etc. This is nothing specific to bubble but to programming in general.

For example, we use message boards every day. Still, I dont know what fields I would need in order to design my own in bubble (do I need “Topic”, “Subject”, “User”, “data”“Message body” etc. etc. AND how do these things have to work together).

I know this is not your “job” but maybe some general concepts with good examples in bubble would be great. For example, maybe you could create some simple apps (message board, shopping system, chat, etc.) on the forumapp so that people can go there, get “inspired” and get a better understanding. Maybe this would even be less work than creating new videos etc. Would something like that make sense?

Keep doing the great work. I will definitely continue using bubble


Some users are actually creating some long lessons covering this, so hopefully you’ll be able to watch something soon. Did you read the emails that you get at the beginning about the demo apps (the ones at ?) And explored these apps? That was the idea behind them, but it might not be working/visible enough.