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Barcode scanner inventory system

Hi all,

I’m currently trying to design an inventory management app using bubble. The idea is to use a barcode scanner to identify an item, and then be able to modify information about this item, or create a new item if it does not yet exist. I have managed to get the barcode scanner to identify the item, but i’m missing a step in the logic.

After the barcode scanner has identified the barcode of the item, it should compare the barcode against all items in the database. If the item already exists, it should allow you to modify the item details or change the amount of stock. If it does not exist, you should be able to create a new item with that barcode.

I can make a new item based on the barcode, and i can search for it in the database if it already exists.

Where i’m struggling is to make the app decide which of these it needs to do - i’m missing the step where it checks the barcode against the database, and then it needs to make a decision as to which option should come up,

Could someone advise me how i can do this?



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If it exists: when “search items ::count > 0” do this
If it does not exist: when “search items ::count is 0” do that

Thanks for your reply! This sounds like exactly what i’m looking for, but where can i input it in to the system? Is it a workflow?

Currently when the barcode scanner has data it is displayed in a repeating group - is there where i can input this?

I’ll have a play with it and see what i can work out, thanks for your help so far! :slight_smile:

The above expressions can be placed where conditions are placed in Bubble which is … almost anywhere

Workflow events
Workflow actions
Elements conditions (groups, RGs, floating groups, group focus, etc etc)
Etc etc

So … the answer to your question is where appropriate considering how, when and what you are building.

Sorry for the generalist answer.

Hope it helps nevertheless :+1:t2:

@tom3 can you, please, share how did you build the part where by scanning the barcode it finds items and pulls out item info?

I am working on something similar, but this part is still very blurry. I hope you can help me!