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API calls seemingly not working // how to debug?

I am making an API call to a custom endpoint that we configured on via AWS Gateway. When setting up the API call in the API connector it seems to work (response returned checks out). However, when I test this API call in a workflow (such as clicking on an element should trigger the API), the API seemingly doesn’t even trigger.

I have two questions for this:

  1. How do I solve this issue?
  2. How am I able to debug API calls that is supposed to make on workflows? The debugging feature doesn’t show me anything for this. It seems like the API call triggered but I can’t see anything (also not in Chrome dev tools).

Screenshot 2021-11-10 at 16.11.18

You can go to sever logs in your settings and inspect. It’s not really that much more in depth but should help!

@cameron.wilder.booth the issue seems to be that the error objects don’t populate. The calls seems to work fine but the error objects all come back empty. Seems to be a bug.

Screenshot 2021-11-11 at 10.35.38

Re: the server logs AND tooling ( server-side support for DEBUG )

How do you turn on DEBUG level logger covering server-side actions related to API where devTools not providing coverage of network calls?

IMO - this is a req’d tooling gap if you cannot adjust DEBUG lvl logger on the server side of things.

I am in touch with Bubble support here. This seems to be a bug on their end.