API - Connector Extremely Slow Load Times

Hi guys - I’ve been having these errors all over my app, as of this week… They are all in relation to the API connector.

It says “could not connect to remote server”… I also, seemingly am having the same issue show up in a different way in that it initiates the API, and then just pops up an error message with a “404” not found error and its happening on every endpoint (so its not just narrowed down to one)…

When I check the back end (I use xano backend), I am getting a 200 response meaning that xano is doing its part it just seems bubble starts the initiation of the API call and quits sticking around for the rsponse, it justs shows the error message, which means it isnt sticking around to see the workflow through… What is going on with Bubble API connector? For this one thing alone I may be leaving bubble soon…

Thanks for the help - Jon

Have you checked out the Xano Connector plugin? It’s built using the Xano SDK. Mitigates the need to use the API connector.

@lantzgould I have just heard about this the other day. Im intrugued though I have not tested it. Have you tried it? Does it clear up these weird issues for you lol?

Give it a spin or watch their setup video to get a feel for it. Or setup a test app to isolate it and see if it meets your needs.

I use it and haven’t had any issues.

I’ve had weird issues with the api connector on some API’s, Xano happened to be one of them. Also it being slow since it has to run through bubbles severs first. That is, until these awesome guys created this plugin.

@eli @jared.gibb maybe they can chime in on the particulars if needed.

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