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How do I modify my Xano Api results by changing the input paramater in my Front end?

Hello all. Pretty simple question I hope. I’ve got an api initialized and successful from Xano. It requires one input to fulfill its backend workflow. I entered an input to initilialize it originally, but now i’d like for the user or that input to be entered automatically by the front end so I get the proper response each time.
How do I go about that?

Answer, initialize your call, validate you’ve got all your data right, and then delete the parameters values. This will show a parameter input on your api call in the design tab.

Not sure if it’s the same solution as yours, but I just link the API call parameters dynamically to input/group values and every time these change a new call will be made automatically, so no need of extra workflows or any logic at all.

This works in general with all API calls being made from the API Connector :slight_smile:

Hope it helps!

How does one do this?
I thought I remembered doing something like this about a week or two ago, but I can no longer find the functionality?

First of all, check if you are using your API Connection as an “Action” or “Data” (it is a dropdown in the API Connector plugin). Select the “Data” type of call, create the parameters and mark them as no Private, this will expose the parameters in the editor. Connect the API to a Group or Repeating group if the response is a list, and when connecting it add the dynamic values to the parameters (for instance URL parameters, option sets, values of groups, whatever you want).

Now every time the dynamic values change a new call will be executed and your data will be refreshed.

Unchecking private is the what I was looking for.
Thank you.