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Text element not displaying

lGuys I’ve been working on bubble for a bit. maybe 2 months, so this is quite frustrating when i can’t lget a simple text to display in a repeating group. Is this a bug or what?


when i preview it, the page is blank

What’s the problem exactly? does the RG have data?

No it doesn’t, but that is just static text. it’s not dynamic. it’s not pulling data from anywhere.

If the RG doesn’t have data then nothing will display (no data means no cells to display anything in).

So you mean I can’t display static text in RG? Then how do people make headers? and put other static text?

You can display anything you want (including static text) in a RG cell, as long as it has a valid datasource. Otherwise nothing will be visible.

Wow! I’m shocked. How did I not know that after creating 2 apps. I guess i just gave always set a datasource without thinking. Thanks a a lot.

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