App data now showing in repeating group

Hello fellow bubblers! Hope everyone is in the best of health and spirits. I have a roadside app and I want to first make sure I’m thinking about this the right way. I will have citizens (ppl who need service) and technicians . I had 2 data types, techs and citizens. I had an option set with my techs. Then I realized when I assign a job to tech, my tech is actually a user. So I updated My live job data type to include a usertech (a user registered as a tech) along with a citizen. When I try to display a list of Usertechs, it comes back blank. When

I try to show a live job (live situation in my data)’s Usertech, it’s blank also. Can someone explain what I’m doing wrong and how to fix this please?

Hi there, @vsafetyalliance… because you mentioned users, privacy rules immediately come to mind. The issue could be related to privacy rules, and specifically this rule. So, check out the link and see if it helps.


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First and foremost I thank you for your swiftness in response! So I believe I the privacy setup to if user tire is support , everything is viewable

I guess the next thing that comes to mind because you mentioned your “live” job data type is the fact that the development and live databases are separate (which you probably know already, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure). Do you have data in your live database?

My apologies, this is I mean by live “live situation” is a “live road side job after a user pays for service”. I have it set up to create a thing “live situation” after job is paid for (I am
Trying to create my “job queue” where I can assign a user(tech profile type) or update the job data.

Coming back to privacy rules, I will say it never hurts to remove all of the rules on a data type just to make sure they aren’t the issue. So, just something to consider, but you might want to delete your rules on the User data type and see if the issue still occurs.

I feel so foolish yet excited I solved the issue and I appreciate your guidance. I had to run the app as my support :man_facepalming:t5:. It’s showing up now.
Another question if you have the time, I have a checkbox for if a job is paid for. I also have webhooks from stripe linked to my app whereas if I run a dummy card for a service, I see the payment status in my stripe dashboard

Is there a way I could send this data to my app and make the answer update the yes/or payment-went-through data field? As of right now I would just check stripe everytime a “new live job” is created