App Data Refreshing Infinitely


When trying to view my app data, it is constantly refreshing itself. Not the entire page but as if I was clicking the “Refresh Data” link at the bottom constantly.

This stops me from being able to view and app data.

This seems to be specific to my user account as it is happening across my projects but not with a colleague who is editing the same project as I am from their account.

Has anyone else had a similar issue?


Submit a bug report at

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Close all of your bubble tabs and perform a hard refresh on your browser. If that doesn’t work I would suggest reaching out to support. I’ve had this issue once before but it resolved itself after clearing everything.

How to hard refresh your browser (

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Thanks. I did end up trying this before submitting a bug report.

I did submit a bug report and then left it for the day. When I opened up bubble this morning, it has not happened again. Not sure if this was due to the bug report or something that just rectified itself.