Issue with refresh, would love some help

Hello everyone,
I’m currently working on my first full bubble application, and I ran into a very big issue I can’t seem to find a fix for yet. Everything was working as expected in the preview, until I set up data privacy and Deployed the project live. Currently the live page refreshes indefinitely every second or so, and doesn’t load my main repeating group. I searched for similar bugs here but found nothing so far. My preview page had no loading issues like this, so I was surprised the whole app broke going from dev to live.
Would love some help, Thanks.
I provided a link to the test version, which works, and the live version which strangely does the refresh thing.

Welcome to Bubble!

On your index page, take a look at your third workflow (“When user is logged out”). The third step in your workflow is “Refresh the page.”

Since this is the index page, your user has not yet had the opportunity to log in. (They would have to login to your app originally from some other page to avoid the issue, then be redirected to the index page).

You likely didn’t encounter it on your test version of the app because you had logged in to the app itself before having added that workflow to the page.


Thanks a bunch, that was it!

Glad that worked. Keep at it!

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