App works on iPhone but not on Android or Chrome

Hey Bubble Experts,

I’ve built a “marketplace” for restaurants to digitize their menus and take orders, to help them through the COVID pandemic. The customer facing side of the app is optimized for mobile.

Until a few days ago, the app worked fine when testing on a laptop (Chromebook). However, it doesn’t seem to be working now (Doesn’t work on Android either).
To clarify --> The app opens/loads properly and the user can browse menu items and go into the “Item Details” page and add to cart. (The user doesn’t need to login)
However, on Chrome or android, when going to the “checkout” page by hitting “Review Order” the page loads properly but shows an empty cart with a Total of $0.

Could this be something to do with the cookies (Since the user isn’t logged in)?

Here’s a link to a demo menu:

Does anyone know why this might be happening? I don’t really have a way to debug this since it works fine as is on an iPhone.


Did you figure this out? This happens to me when a user tries to login on a pop up?

Hey Kaito,

I ended up redesigning my entire app to be a Single Page Application (SPA).
This helped resolve the need to have cookies persist across pages without the user creating an account. I used different groups and states to display and hide content instead of navigating through pages. This helped resolve consistency issues across platforms.