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Bubble - Slowness 29.03.2017

Today 29.03.2017 is terrible slow.

5 things from database are loaded 5 seconds.

Some explanations?

For me it’s even worse. It seems that not all database calls (updates) are executed, so my data gets corrupted when this lag occurs:

Same here. App not saving in edit more. Repeating groups taking extra extra long to load results.

where I can find this data for my own app?

I believe they are already aware of these issues, and probably working on it, as usual (bubble evolves, that’s good for us!).

However, as I already mentioned in another post related to similar issue, it would really be nice to have a banner message notifying all the user that we are experiencing some technical difficulties (a customized and localized message would be great), such as the one that is displayed when a user is viewing a page that had just been updated. Do you think you could be able to add that @emmanuel ?


They already know and they´re working extremely hard to get this issue solved in the next month as far as I know.

In my opinion if service struggles with some operational problems and before starting fixing those there should be some official announcement like “Yes, we know, we are working on it”. Especially when it’s a paid service.


@petrucho agreed. Bubble is still quite new, let’s hope they will add that in the future

I don’t know why, but the response time in is now divided by 2 (for instance if on 28/03 it as 1000ms, it now displays 500ms). Is this normal @emmanuel ?

Since it seems to be consistent across the board, it could be due a change made by when determining the response time or how they report it.

Yes maybe it is the actual time to reach the bubble servers, and not the whole loop time. It doesn’t matter that much anyway