Aramguessr - Online guessing game built entirely on Bubble

Hey guys,

I made a site for League of Legends players allowing them to guess which team has won a game only by looking at team compositions.

For those who don’t know League of Legends, this will not be super fun to play, I’m sorry.

The app is pretty simple, however, I was proud to be able to develop cool-looking design on Bubble as well as manage some tricky API calls and an RSO to Riot games API.

The site got some initial traction after a Reddit post (Reddit - Dive into anything).
Now my objective is to promote the site to gain enough page views to leverage an ads partnership (not looking to make tons of money, just to break even with Bubble new WU’s monthly cost)

Every feedback is really appreciated, whether it’s about the app itself or any advice on how to promote the site (I tried to manage my SEO but it takes time to see results)

Thank you very much!

How do you determine a winner? Are these results from pro games?

Although there might be an arguably nuanced advantage / disadvantages based on the champion picks, that doesn’t entirely decides the outcome of the game. The results mainly base on the performance of each player.

Without adding more details about the match, it seems like the game is just flip a coin. Random results

I’d suggest adding more details like their items, who played the champion (assuming its pro matches) etc

Hey thank you for your feedback!
I’m sorry, I think I was not clear enough about the goal. It’s based on previous games which are all ARAM (All random all mid).
A game mode where champions are picked at random.
So the goal is to see if you can identify team composition patterns and try to guess which team has actually won this particular game (which has already happened).
Adding items display before guessing would be too huge of an indicator as you could determine pretty easily which team has earned more gold and so guess which team has won :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s a niche topic so I wanted to showcase the app itself for its design.
The player base is already decent (around 4k accounts created and around 60~100 daily users)

Just so you know, it will be difficult to break even with only ads. Since the WU pricing change, it more or less makes most apps too costly per user to support solely by ads. At least, through display ads. If you have some ads from LoL related companies and some affiliate links, you should be able to make it work.

Hey, thanks for the tip!
Yes indeed, I’ve been contacted by a company looking to sell targeted gamer ads. it’s the only way to at least break even. But to negotiate a partnership I need more views :slight_smile:
Adsense alone is terrible and hard to setup on bubble.

Hardcode , teams with Caitlyn wins %100, too op in aram :smiley: