Introducing Sports W/Friends – An All-new Sports Pick ‘em Game

Hello Bubblers!

I’m very proud to announce the beta launch of my new sports game, Sports W/Friends. Unlike single sport games (e.g. fantasy leagues, football pools, March Madness brackets, etc.), Sports W/Friends allows players to mix and match their picks across all the sports (football, basketball, soccer, baseball, golf, hockey and motor sports). It’s a fast game that can be played as much as you want and at any time throughout the year. Players compete for SportBucks, a mock unit used for tracking performance between friends. It’s always more fun to play for something!

This has been a passion project of mine/friends who hope to raise as much $ as we can with Sports W/Friends to help get (or keep) kids involved in sports.

Please feel free to sign-up and play with your friends. It’s free to play. Also, you can see how Bubble was used for lots of different use cases and features that could be applied in your app. I would also greatly appreciate any feedback :>

Tech notes that might be of interest to folks:

  • Bubble for the front end and user/session management, MySQL in the cloud for all game data. I have a lot of past SQL experience and have really put the Bubble SQL Connector through the ringer. So far, it’s held up great. I’ve posted a lot on SQL related issues in the forum. If you have or are considering Bubble/SQL projects in the future, DM me and I’ll see if I can offer any help.
  • Single page for the main app, other pages for public landing page, registration/login, etc.
  • As with all sports games, it’s highly data intensive. Have run over 1000 challenges and have tables with over 100,000 rows and growing. Some serious filtering and sorting throughout. So far, I’m super happy with the performance and scalability of the app (other than signup/login…
  • Fully responsive on all devices (as far as I know :).
  • Use of .mp4, gif animation, graphs/charts to spice things up.
  • Postmark for email notifications
  • AWS Pinpoint for SMS messaging notifications
  • Connectivity to Snapchat so folks can use and dress up their own Bitmoji as their game avatar. (Shoutout to @lottemint for his help here. He’s worth every penny!)
  • Also, a big THANK YOU to the Bubblers who have helped answer questions along the way!

Quick comment…thanks to those who have signed up and for the DM questions/feedback. Keep it coming! Things are a bit crazy right now so it’s going to take me a few days to respond. Just wanted to let everyone know - it’s not that I don’t appreciate it!