Ascending/ Descending Confusion

Hi, I’m dyslexic. But I have managed to overcome it in almost all aspects of my life. I’ve been alive for a while now, so it’s more rare at this point, but Bubble has me back in a land of confusion.

I’m really struggling with distinguishing between ascending and descending in Bubble–particularly when it comes to sorting text results. When I want my results to be sorted alphabetically, with “A” at the top, and “Z” at the bottom is it ascending or descending?

My mind cannot make sense of this. Thanks for taking the time to read.

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Hi there, @zach8… I find sorting to be confusing at times, too, but results sorted with A at the top and Z at the bottom would be ascending.


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Thanks so much Mike! You my hero in here for real!


Hi @zach8 ,

For numbers it’s easy:

  • Ascending: 1…2…3… …10
  • Descending: 10… …3…2…1

For letters it may help you if you think of it as if the letters were numbers, just think that A = 1, B = 2, C = 3, etc. and Z = 26, so:

  • Ascending: A…B…C… …Z
  • Descending: Z… …C…B…A

For dates, the further in the past, the shorter the time elapsed, the lower the value, so :

  • Ascending: Yesterday…Today…Tomorrow
  • Descending: Tomorrow…Today…Yesterday

I hope it helps!

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Thank you! Dates had me messed up as well.

It had occurred to me to think of the letters as numbers, but then when I introduce the descending/ascending sort my mind can’t hold the conversion of letters to numbers simultaneous to the way that conversion applies to the sort Each one makes perfect sense on it’s own–but if i try to use them in conjunction it all falls apart.

Stuff like this is helpful because now when I get confused, I’ll come back to this page and read these comments. Once I have read this 10/20 times I should be able to remember something that will allow me to act on the distinction in place. Thanks again!!!

Just print the answer and put it on your desk! :grinning:

Good call!

Ascending is “A” first
Descending is “D” first.

What takes me off isn’t this… it is the fact that you have to place “Descending” “No” to get “Ascending” list!


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