Ask me to build any template! Ideas needed

Wow! That is incredible. You are quick!

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Ed! Thanks for this. Sorry its taken so long to reply, I have been sick for literally three weeks (with a toddler and 4months pregnant. Fun!) I am really looking forward to attempting to pull this together.

I definitely need to start small with some online tutorials I think.

Thanks again for your three suggestions! :smiley:

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Hey @emspurser, no worries and all the best! I would defo suggest you to watch some online tutorials or bubble documentations to grasp the basics. If you have any questions about the suggestions, please feel free to let me know!

Hi! Any update on this template please? I am looking to do this.

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Hi @chaddickson83, we are still open to ideas! What do you need?

Just after this link tree app.

We submitted the template to Bubble 8 days ago. Still waiting to hear back, unfortunately (they tend to take 2 weeks).

But then @chaddickson83, in the meantime, you can check out my Bubble demo and editor here - Link in Bio Platform like Linktree | Nalfe.

Ola . muito legal a sua proposta.
Eu gostaria de ver um cone de Only Fans.

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Not sure if you’re still accepting ideas but I wonder if you can create a widget in which an user adds a link and it pulls all the metadata from that site including:

Publication Date

Once it gets that data, it creates a link dynamic preview similar to what Facebook does when you enter an URL in a post.

You may want to check out this plugin built by Coaching No Code Apps team - Link Preview Plugin | Bubble

Hi @edtyli9 impressive work indeed , Thank you for all the hard work .

as you know bubble works great with stripe especially in the marketplaces and seller’s monthly payout, but unfortunately Stripe is not available in all country.

The other available option is PayPal , but it’s not easy too , in particular when you try to use it in the marketplace. is it possible to :
1- Use PayPal API to make payment and deduct specific percentage from the buyers and send the rest of it to the sellers accounts
2- Send auto monthly payout for the seller’s PayPal accounts ?
i think it is necessary plugin or tutorial to become a reference for all bubble users who can’t use stripe as a payment gateway and it will be a great addition

Thanks again

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I am looking to build a few more templates in the next 2+ weeks.

You can find all 68 templates that my team built here.

If you have an idea, submit it on Open Project this week (23 - 30 Apr) and drop your project link here. I promise to build at least 2 ideas each week.

@ciscotreasure Great idea! Are you looking at a specific marketplace for the PayPal integration?

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Thanks for the replay , looking for sales page cover successful payment in full month and auto payout for the sellers on specific day on the next month using PayPal.

I am building marketplace for selling documents , stripe is not available option in different countries and PayPal as i knew is so difficult to get accepted to use their API for apps.

-In my situation i can accept payments with PayPal but what am looking for is :

  • cover full month sales (28,30,31 days) and send auto payout for the sellers on specific date of the next month , something similar to the screen shot


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@edtyli9 I’ve recently found this thread and I feel like a kid in a candy store. Huge thanks for providing high-quality templates for free. But before I let my excitement get the best of me, I’m curious, what’s the catch?

Is it so people who check out the templates hopefully also visit your website and become paid users? Because I have to say, I’m now tempted to use your website ( to make edits to these amazing templates and launch my product quickly. So if that was your goal, it’s definitely working!

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If you don’t mind ,is it possible to build something like “” very old idea :slightly_smiling_face: ,but i am curious about :
1-Design of the home page it self( 1M pixels ), High -width of the page , and all the logos/images display without scrolling down
2-Can Bubble handle 1M things to display in 1 page compare to the live website speed ?

Thanks in advance

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Thank you @bosonian! You’re spot on. I am making free templates so people can find out about our core projects Nalfe and Open Project.

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@edtyli9 Hello - Your work looks awesome. Not sure if you are still accepting ideas, but I wonder if you can create something similar to this -

The app will include the followings:

  • Ability for the survey owner to create and share survey through a QR code
  • Ability for the survey taker to scan QR code to answer survey
  • Ability for the survey owner to see and analyse survey results in a reporting dashboard
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@ciscotreasure Looks like PayPal is exiting the Indian market.

“Effective 1 April, 2021, PayPal will no longer offer domestic payment services in India. As a result of this, PayPal Payments Private Limited users cannot use Indian rupees (INR) to receive payments.”

Is Razorpay a viable alternative?