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Ask me to build any template! Ideas needed

yes sure! please feel free to do that :two_hearts:

sure! on it now :woman_technologist:t2:

Look forward to it. Thanks.

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done! cheers :wink:

Thanks a lot!

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@edtyli9 Your template library is already quite vast. I’m sure this will help a lot of people who are beginning to dip their toes in Bubble. Do you plan to release any more templates or are you currently focusing on your own platform?

Also, when do you plan to add Javascript and React editing abilities to Because I think that will be truly game-changing.


@bosonian Thanks!

We’re still making templates in our free time. Keep the ideas coming!

We’d love to add Javascipt and React editing to our visual editor. We don’t have a lot of spare time to do that right now but hopefully we can get to it later this year.

I would like to thank you for the work you are developing with Nalfe/Bubbble

Would it be possible to develop a template for audits?

Like iAuditor by SafetyCulture - Inspection Software & Mobile Inspection App