Assigning a "template" to multiple Groups of students- feedback request

Hi All,

For anyone more versed in Bubble than I, I am currently stuck (in the planning phase) on a component central to the app I am developing. Was wondering if anyone had any insight as to ability, form, or function for the following

QUESTION: Can a teacher create a single assignment and push it out to their class and when students complete the assignment, it sends it back to the teacher in a repeating group so that the teacher can assess each students work.

SCENARIO: A teacher creates an assignment which is driven by a rubric. When the student takes the assignment, they can add other members of their class to it and complete the project as a group. When finished, they would submit their project to the teacher by uploading their draft and clicking the submit button. This would send the finished project to the teacher with a copy of the rubric for each student, (accessed by clicking on the students avatar image in the rubric view area) in the group–so students can be assessed on a “group” or individual basis. The teacher would grade using the rubric, add comments to the students and click the “RETURN” button, where each individual students grade would be returned to them based on the rubric and entered into the “grade book”

on a scale of 1- flipping impossible, anyone want to chime in with perspective as to if/how Bubble can handle something like this? Trying to get my hand sketches and head around the concept before getting too far down the rabbit hole and missing something important.

Really appreciate the feedback!