"Assign a temp password to a user" doesn't work

I’m trying to make a password reset function when logging in if the user has forgotten it.
I have an email input and a “password reset” button. The “Assign a temp password to a user” workflow is configured on the button.
Assign a temp password to a user has the following settings
USER Search for Users:first item
Type: User
Constraint: email = Input Reset Pass 's value
When you enter an email that exists in the database and whose password needs to be reset, and click on the reset password button, the error “No user to set a temporary password to” pops up. What am I doing wrong?

Hey @100sfer.sever ! Can you share a loom/screenshot/editor link, so that we can help you debug this problem.

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Yes of course, here are the screenshots.

Hi @100sfer.sever,

Do you have any privacy rules in place? The issue I could see is:

If the search isn’t returning anything because of privacy rules, then it’s not assigning a temporary password to anyone.

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I looked at Privacy in Data, and checked the rule marked with the arrow in the screenshot. And after that, resetting the password began to work. How correct is it to do this? Or should this be done differently?

Can you explain what this means? In the documentation I found only this description " Find this in searches
Uncheck this box to prevent users who are in this rule to see the search results for this type.". Don’t scold me too much, I’m just starting to study))